Feeling Dark Inside? It’s Your Time to Shine!

(by Tapas Fleming, LAc) Here’s how to get there. Have you heard or felt yourself or clients feeling lonely, attacked by dark, gripping thoughts and contemplating “What’s the point of my life?  What difference would it make if I wasn’t here?”  Not exactly suicidal thoughts, but facing in that direction.  And on top of it all, not wanting […]

Need An Afternoon Pick-Me-Up? If You Can’t Nap, Try This.

If you’re groggy and want to learn how to revive, you’re in the right place. This blog teaches you an easy tool you can use right now to help you wake up. (by Sarah Murphy, LPC)  One of the fastest and most effective ways to become awake and alert is to use the Thymus Thump, a simple body-based […]

3 Steps to Alleviate Money Guilt: How Energy Practices Can Help

(by Lori Hops, PhD, DCEP) Do you feel guilty when charging clients for your energy practice services? Do you believe your services should be given for free or on a donation basis? Is it hard to ask for money for missed appointments, late cancellations, or additional time? If you answered yes to one or more […]