Self Care and Restoration: How energy psychology practices can enhance your self-care routine

(by Aviva Chansky Guttmann, LMSW)  There is an increasing shift toward looking inward and finding ways to self soothe in our chaotic world. Self-care is invaluable in helping us to internally recalibrate in a challenging world ― a world that sends us incessant messages that we should not take the time to care for ourselves. Energy […]

Primordial Sound Meditation: Joy for a Reluctant Meditator by Betsy Muller

Things have been going well in my business and personal life. I did not enroll in the Primordial Sound Meditation post conference workshop with conscious thoughts of fixing or healing anything.  Sound as a healing gateway had flooded my awareness a lot lately and I was open. Well known by family and friends to be […]