Energy Psychology and the Tao of Qigong

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An interview with Michael DeMolina, PhD(c), MS, LPC, DCEP

As an energy psychology practitioner, have you wanted to delve deeper into the realm of energy and consciousness? You know that energy psychology has its roots in Eastern approaches. What is the relationship between energy psychology and Qi Gong or Taoism?

On the other hand, maybe you practice Qi Gong or acupuncture and you have been hearing about this energy psychology stuff. Are you wondering what it is about? Should you care about energy psychology?

Or perhaps you practice transpersonal humanistic psychology and you want to know how these energy approaches fit in with your cosmology.

You have come to the right blog!

This fascinating five-part video series chronicles a 45 minute conversation between me and Michael DeMolina, Qigong master, ACEP’s EFT lead North American trainer, master addiction counselor and president of Wisdom Traditions Healing Centers in Alaska. The conversation covers a lot of ground: energy, consciousness, Taoism, addictions, trauma, enneagram, Jungian archetypes, neuroscience and more. I had a blast talking with Michael, and I hope you enjoy it.

Why not watch one video (8-10 minutes) each morning with your coffee or tea? What a great way to start the day and get your juices flowing. A warning: each video may raise more questions than it answers. And that is a good thing.

View the video in five short segments here.

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Robert Schwarz, PsyD, DCEP

Author, Tools for Transforming Trauma

ACEP Executive Director

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