Ideas You Can Use: Energy psychology practitioners make a difference in their communities

(by Sarah Murphy, LPC) Many energy psychology enthusiasts want to share these powerful techniques in the community, spreading the word and making our techniques accessible to anyone in need. We all know the power of energy psychology practices. In this time of covid stress, social isolation, and political upheaval, our work is more important than […]

Thought Field Therapy vs. CBT for Trauma: Results of a Small Study

(by Sarah Murphy, LPC) Here’s a little nugget from the research on energy psychology, also known as cognitive somatic energy practices. Thought-field therapy (TFT) is a well-researched form of energy psychology. Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is a popular and widely researched modality in the world of mental health. Each modality has its place in therapeutic […]

Removing Blocks to Treatment with Energy Psychology

(by Lori Hops, PhD, DCEP) Do some of these statements from your clients sound familiar? “I know this lifestyle isn’t good for me, but I can’t seem to change it”, or  “I get started on a new path with treatment, and then things just fall apart.” It may be that treatment is working for a […]