Putting off a cancer screening? These energy psychology tools can help you overcome your resistance.

Every October, the focus is on cancer screening and the world turns pink as we honor those affected by breast cancer. This year, the focus shifted to screening and early detection for all types of cancer. Unfortunately, some people have too much anxiety to schedule a screening. Is fear getting in the way of booking […]

Next time you feel scared, try this. 

(by Sarah Murphy, LPC)   One of the simplest ways to reestablish feelings of safety is to reconnect with your body and come to rest in the present moment. Here’s one easy way to do that. Apply gentle but firm pressure to your arms and upper torso using Simplified Self-Havening. This simple body-based technique helps your body become calm and […]

Reiki for Cancer Patients: A Complementary Therapy for Wellbeing

(by Sarah Murphy, LPC)  Energy psychology includes tapping therapies, which have been widely researched and which we write about frequently. However, there is more to energy psychology than meridian tapping. Some energy psychology practices focus on the chakras (Advanced Integrative Therapies, for example, is a chakra-based energy psychology method). Others focus on the biofield. Energy […]