How What Happens in Las Vegas Stays in Las Vegas – And we like it that way!

(by Suzanne Connolly, LCSW) A Vietnam Veteran Takes Tapping to the Masses A van cruises down the brightly lit-up Las Vegas street. The van is commandeered through Las Vegas traffic by a Vietnam veteran who attended the ACEP sponsored Veteran to Veteran Peer Training last September. He is on his way to a Narcotics Anonymous […]

Beautiful questions with David Whyte

(by Robert Schwarz, PsyD, DCEP) What are beautiful questions and what do they have to do with our clients? According to David Whyte, beautiful questions enlarge the context in which we live. They’re often disturbing, because they shake the structures we’ve built, inviting us to engage with a larger, deeper part of our identity. Inviting our […]

Can Trapped Emotions Be Passed On?

(by Robert Schwarz, PsyD, DCEP) How do trapped emotions impact our energy field? Can trapped emotions be passed down through generations? What is a “heart wall”? Join Bradley Nelson, author of The Emotion Code and I as we explore these questions and more in this brief video conversation. I’m excited that Brad will be joining us as […]