Primordial Sound Meditation: Joy for a Reluctant Meditator by Betsy Muller

San Diego Betsy Muller blueThings have been going well in my business and personal life. I did not enroll in the Primordial Sound Meditation post conference workshop with conscious thoughts of fixing or healing anything.  Sound as a healing gateway had flooded my awareness a lot lately and I was open. Well known by family and friends to be a fidgeter, I was hoping to finally find a way to sit still and be still. Up to this point, my meditations have been either extremely brief or took place while running, walking or doing my yoga practice. In spite of this, I arrived with a simple intention: “Show me what I need for the next phase of my work and my life.”

According to PSM developers Deepak Chopra, MD, and David Simon, MD, the individualized mantras we would each be given in this workshop were developed based upon the primordial soundtrack of the exact time and place of our birth and related to lunar position. It is said that silently chanting these mantras has the effect of drawing you inwards so that you can fully connect with pure conscious awareness.

The mother-daughter team of certified Primordial Sound Meditation (PSM) trainers, Jennifer and Charleene Closshey, were welcoming, present and inspiring. They both exuded health, joy and authenticity.

Receiving my personal mantra was a profound spiritual experience. The instructor guided me to chant the words aloud, then we whispered them together until I was told to silently repeat them in my mind.  A brief meditation in the instructor’s presence followed. I found myself dropping into the energy of it easily. Tears welled up and my chest heaved as I felt BIG LOVE and intense assurance that I would be supported as I used my mantra. I am filled with gratitude for this great gift I have been given!  The mantra itself is secret, so I don’t ask me to share it. 

MeditationAfter a short time meditating in the presence of the instructor, I was asked to bring my attention back so that I might go to another room to continue my practice for another 10-30 minutes on my own.  Not sure how this part would go, I was pleased to be able to settle back in again.  It flowed and the reconnection brought another flood of tears. Eventually as the tears subsided, I found myself in a rhythm of breath like waves on a beach. Effortless!  I meditated 15 minutes before checking my watch.  Hurray!

My first experience with my mantra was followed by an exquisite and peaceful lunch break. The group had been instructed to practice silence during this time and I gladly complied. Colors glowed brighter, sounds were more intense and the flavors of my lunch were delicious.  Had meditation made this better? I wondered.

The seminar reconvened after lunch with plenty of time for participants to share experiences and ask questions.  We were reminded that the key to PSM is to simply sit still, close the eyes, repeat the mantra and return to the mantra whenever thoughts distract the process.

Now back home and fully engaged in life again, I strongly believe this workshop helped me to integrate the ACEP conference experience and gave me a tool to use each and every day.  I am happy to report that I have meditated 15-30 minutes, two times each day, every single day for ten days. I am finding that I come to meditation gladly, need less sleep and awaken a bit earlier each morning. One of the most noteworthy benefits has been writing and work productivity during this time.  I am on my way with this powerful new habit.

I urge ACEP to offer this training again as a post-conference option for the 2014 meeting and hope anyone reading this will consider taking the workshop. It may just open up some great things for your work, life and the world you serve. Go with an open mind and see what happens.

Betsy Muller MBA, ACP-EFT, CEHP, CEC is a coach, certified EFT practitioner, speaker and author who has helped thousands of people discover their full potential through conscious self-care. In addition to an MBA and 30+ years of business management experience, Ms. Muller is a noted authority on work/life balance and working with the human energy field as a vehicle for personal growth. Betsy is the author of four books, including best-seller Energy Makeover – A Conscious Way to Stay Young, Have Fun and Get More Done!  Learn more at and

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