Is Stone-Age Therapy Failing our Veterans?

ACEP_Donation_Infographic_FINALsmallThe TV show 60 Minutes recently aired an episode highlighting a “NEW” treatment for PTSD in the VA.

No, it wasn’t energy psychology.

It was a seriously out-of-date therapy that does not work that well, and is very painful – and they’re calling it new!

Why is it that our young men and women get the space-age bullets to kill, but receive stone-age therapy to heal??

Here is therapy that actually works:

Jack was a veteran with two tours of combat-laden active duty in the Middle East. He had severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for many years, scoring 65 on the PCL-M, a test that measures PTSD (a score of 50 and above means that the person suffers from PTSD). He was on 11 psychiatric medications with little effect on his PTSD. He had severe depression and anxiety. He was on disability. He had many marital problems. He had been seen by multiple psychologists and psychiatrists and had been in an in-patient program for PTSD. Unfortunately, none of that worked.

Then Jack tried energy psychology. After only 6 sessions his PTSD was essentially gone. His marriage improved dramatically, and his sleep improved. His anxiety diminished and his depression lifted. The gains were maintained at 6-month follow up.  

That is the power of energy psychology (EP). I know it. You know it. Jack knows it.

But Jack is only one of the less than 3% of veterans that get to experience the healing of EP.  The other 97%+ don’t know about it at all. EP is the modern, cutting edge treatment for PTSD.

The real tragedy is that the people responsible for our veterans really think they are offering the best treatment!!

When I consider this situation, it seems comparable to using leeches for healing when penicillin is available.

Eventually, I believe that the truth will come out. The powers-that-be will figure it out, but I don’t want even one veteran like Jack to have to wait years until they finally get the modern treatment they deserve.

Please help us multiply the stories like Jack’s a thousand fold or ten thousand fold. Our new Energy in Action Campaign is dedicated to expanding the presence of and access to EP in the world.

And right now, we have a generous donor that will match your contribution, dollar for dollar – but only if you donate before December 31, 2013.

You can donate here today.

What will you contribute to help veterans like Jack get the treatment that they need?

Is transforming the lives of veterans like Jack worth $1 per day?

I think so. If you do too, join the Energy in Action Campaign so we can do all the work that needs to be done to make EP the treatment of choice for PTSD.

Yes, I want to help contribute and spread the word to help veterans

Please join the Energy in Action Campaign so we can do all the work that needs to be done to make EP the treatment of choice for PTSD.


Robert Schwarz, PsyD, DCEP
ACEP Executive Director

PS – If $1 per day for the year is beyond your budget, that’s OK. A smaller contribution is fine. Every contribution counts. But ‘thinking about it’ won’t help people like Jack – only action will. Make your contribution here.


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