Is Stone-Age Therapy Failing our Veterans?

The TV show 60 Minutes recently aired an episode highlighting a “NEW” treatment for PTSD in the VA. No, it wasn’t energy psychology. It was a seriously out-of-date therapy that does not work that well, and is very painful – and they’re calling it new! Why is it that our young men and women get […]

Lighting the Way: Connecting Rwanda and Sandy Hook Trauma Survivors for Powerful Healing with EFT

 “I feel so blessed… it’s extraordinary what happens when we follow our hearts,” shared psychologist and long time ACEP member, Lori Leyden in a recent interview. For the past seven months, Lori has been living and working in Newtown, CT (having relocated from California) helping to build an EFT-focused community-based model of trauma relief and […]

Beyond Words: Real Solutions for Veteran Care by Robert Schwarz, PsyD

In a recent Time Magazine article entitled What Is PTSD… And Who Is It For?, psychiatrist Harold Kudler attempts to raise some interesting questions regarding this sensitive and important issue. For example, Is the DSM V for physicians or patients?; Should we call it Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Post Traumatic Stress Injury? He suggests […]