Energy in Action: Join Us!


You know the healing power of energy psychology. Yet it is still considered a fringe approach to healing. ACEP needs your help to make energy psychology “the standard treatment for trauma and stress.” Imagine how different the world would be if:

  • After the Boston bombings, everyone was treated with EP
  • All soldiers were taught EP to prevent or treat PTSD
  • Patients in hospitals were treated with EP before surgery
  • Students in high schools and colleges were taught EP to reduce their stress

Not only would this save billions of dollars in healthcare costs (yes, that’s right – billions!), it would reduce the suffering and improve the lives of millions of people — and permanently change the way we care for ourselves.

Your help now will be doubled: ACEP has been offered a matching grant of up to $50,000 from a generous member to take on this cause! That means that we can raise up to $100,000 – or more – by year’s end!  HAVE YOUR DONATION MATCHED NOW

This is an incredibly exciting opportunity, but it only helps us to the extent that people like you actually donate between now and December 31, 2013.

As we enter the season of giving, many of you may be deciding on your year-end donations. I typically write five to ten checks in December, supporting organizations that do good throughout the world. But this year, I’ve decided to give all my dollars to ACEP.

This $50,000 is too big an opportunity for us to pass up, and I want to do my part to ensure that the maximum amount of money is given bring this vision of a new world into being.

ACEP has already successfully concentrated the efforts of people like you to help change the world through EP by taking on the formidable APA. It took five years of persistent time, money and effort to remove this huge hurdle to the greater use of EP.

In the next month you can ensure that we have the funds to initiate the next phase of this exciting journey. HAVE YOUR DONATION MATCHED NOW

We are about to begin a major campaign to influence the “influencers” with goals that include:

  • Demonstrating how EP can help heal not only individuals, but social support systems that are failing.
  • Revealing how EP can save the healthcare system billions of dollars
  • Proving how EP can quadruple the healing of veterans with PTSD

We will work at the grassroots level, creating a groundswell of demand for EP, as well as with leaders who would embrace EP if they understood its benefits.

Substantial time and money are required to anchor our message with facts and compelling stories and to make connections and presentations with key influencers and the media.

– And, this is doable! Since you use or support EP, you are already a pioneer in the possible. So, please take another step. Do not leave it to someone else.  This is the time where you can really make a difference. HAVE YOUR DONATION MATCHED NOW

Thank you in advance for matching our enthusiasm for this opportunity with your matching dollars!

Wishing you joy,


Debby Vajda, LCSW, DCEP
President, ACEP

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