Feeling Lonely? Try This

If you’re feeling lonely right now, this blog is here to help you regain a feeling of connection and safety. Feeling close to others is a basic human need. When we spend too much time disconnected and in isolation, it can start to feel like something is wrong with us. Because we are meant to live in connection with other humans and life itself, being alone goes against our nature. Remaining safe during a pandemic means living in more isolated conditions than is natural. 

(by Kirsten Keach, LMFT) You can’t control many aspects of the pandemic. But you can do something right now in order to help remind your body that you are safe and connected to others even if they aren’t in the room with you. 

When you start to experience anxious or unsafe feelings, your body sends out signals via stress hormones that cause your flight, flight, freeze systems to become activated. These stress hormones make it more difficult to calm down. You can learn how to calm your body’s stress responses naturally. 

One way to do that is to practice a technique called Simplified Self-Havening. You can try this practice by following the video below.

Try Simplified Self-Havening Now

More Techniques to Help with Lonely & Scared Feelings

If you found the Simplified Self-havening technique helpful here are a few more tools you can use to calm anxious feelings:  Soothing Butterfly Hug, Healing Head Hold, Calm Breathing

Need Help From a Professional?

Recovering from trauma and shock is difficult. It’s normal to need help with this. You don’t have to go through this alone. Check-out the ACEP practitioner directory to find a certified ACEP therapist in your area or Online. 

Author:  Kirsten May Keach MA- Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  

Kirsten Keach is a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in relationships. She helps couples and singles develop meaningful, lasting, soulful love relationships. In her free time she is an avid traveler, Improv comedy performer and amateur salsa dancer. Learn more about Kirsten here

Video Resources Provided by the ACEP Humanitarian Committee 

The mission of the ACEP Humanitarian Committee is to share energy practices and resources to promote safety, connection, happiness, health and resilience around the world. We do this by developing resources for the public and by encouraging and assisting ACEP members in developing humanitarian projects that utilize recognized energy psychology and other modalities that meet ACEP’s standards and guidelines. Learn more here.

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