Developing Intuition with the Chakras

(by Lori Chortkoff Hops, PhD, DCEP)   Intuition. The aha moment. The flash of insight. Suddenly solving a vexing problem. Gooseflesh on your arms as you meet an important stranger. A sinking feeling in the gut just before receiving bad news. Our bodies can register nearly instantly vital information for our well-being and growth, and our […]

The science of energy medicine and energy psychology: A new direction

(by Rick Leskowitz MD) I went to medical school over 40 years ago, and its conceptual foundation was pretty straightforward: it was all about anatomy and physiology. First we learned about all the organs and cellular structures (it was called gross anatomy because the organs are so solid and tangible, not because dissecting them is […]

ACEP’s Pre-Conference Preview – Utilizing Information About the Chakra System to Identify Core Issues

(By Nancy Gnecco, LPC, DCEP) In many Energy Psychology modalities, practitioners look for “core issues” – the originating causes of current illness or emotional distress. If there are traumas at birth, or during the pre-cognitive stage of development, these core issues can be difficult to detect, and yet they are often the direct cause or […]