Closing the Circuit of Giving and Receiving

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How we can use our energy to spread healing around the globe

ACEP’s mission includes raising public awareness about our bioelectric nature as a path to healing and the power of human connection to make positive change in the world.

To create a live experience and celebration of these ideas, we set a goal (an audacious goal, we’re finding) to break the Guinness World Record for the longest human electrical circuit (a bio-energy circuit) with 1,400+ people (including conference goers and the public) on June 3rd! The current record stands at 1,315. You can learn more at

 Duracell Ad
Duracell has demonstrated this concept in a compelling video ad. They created a bus stop that was heated when people joined hands and touched the sides of the structure to complete a circuit. You can view it here.


While we were developing the Guinness idea and getting the logistics lined up late last year, a deeper motivation was coming into light. We realized that this living symbol of connection, hope and healing needed to ripple into the world with on-the-ground impact.

What has unfolded is an amazing opportunity for the energy psychology community to bring these powerful approaches past the tipping point by getting them into the hands of some of the people who need them most right now: Syrian refugees, U.S. veterans and Rwandan genocide survivors.

Syrian refugees
If you have ever felt overwhelmed or powerless when you hear about the magnitude of violence and trauma in the world, we have a solution you can be part of. Join with other ACEP friends and members and either attend this event or donate on our crowdsourcing campaign. Read about the initiatives and then imagine the energy of your gift flowing into a river of other gifts—the collective energy leading directly to soldiers recovering from PTSD, Syrian refugee children feeling safer and sleeping better at night, and tapping protocols being used to support peace-building throughout Rwanda.

Net proceeds from the June 3rd event and the crowdfunding site will go toward three trauma relief initiatives that will use peer-facilitated tapping training as the model:

  • Trauma tapping training for Syrian refugees in Turkey, Jordan and Syria—Two renowned global trauma relief practitioners, Gunilla Hamme and Ulf Sandstrom, have been invited to provide training in Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT) to a network of Syrian mental health clinicians working with refugees of the Syrian crisis in Turkey, Jordan and Syria. Read the full story here
  • Energy psychology/tapping training for a national peace-building campaign in Rwanda: Based on the successful work of Dr. Lori Leyden’s Project LIGHT: Rwanda and other tapping-based trauma relief work in the country, there is an effort underway to develop a national peace-building campaign that includes tapping protocols. Funds raised through this event and the crowdfunding effort will support the development of this campaign. Learn more about Project Light: Rwanda.
  • Peer-facilitated tapping for U.S. veterans: ACEP is developing a veteran-to-veteran healing program to teach our young men and women soldiers how to help each other more rapidly heal from the trauma of war. The pilot program will be implemented in Las Vegas and will serve as a model to spread this approach to a profoundly underserved population throughout the United States.

Project Light ambassadors-clapping
There are many more communities (and millions, if not billions) who need this work—but we have to start somewhere. And we can make a huge difference by repeatedly demonstrating that low cost, no tech, self-empowerment approaches are available to help where resources are scarce and need is at emergency levels. This can help further legitimize energy psychology, and bring these methods more fully into mainstream consciousness.

If you’re attending the conference or are local to the Bay area in California, we hope you’ll join us with your friends and family on June 3rd!

Not everyone can join us in California, but everyone can support the cause.

Our crowdfunding site was developed so that anyone can give according to their ability. If all of us give together, we’ll be able to reach our $45K goal to fund the next phase of each initiative outlined above. Remember, even $5 makes a difference!

Each initiative will not only help heal PTSD in affected communities, but will teach community members how to help each other with these easy-to-learn tools for self-regulation. In this model, the receiver becomes the giver—closing the circuit and creating a beautiful cycle of healing around the globe.

The ACEP Staff

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