Inviting Spaciousness – New Gangaji Video


(by Robert Schwarz and Gangaji)

It’s so easy to get caught up in the stresses and strains of our busy lives. Today we’re offering you a delightful, spacious break. Recently, I had an inspiring conversation with Gangaji, one of our conference keynote speakers this year. What she said, and the state of awareness from which she said it, helped me relax and open to deeper levels of myself – even during that short conversation.

What she shares is simple, yet so profound. I invite you to view this 15 minute video. Give yourself a restful break, and become more aware of what place in yourself you’re taking action from. Is it from need or open space? Or something else?

Gangagi video 1

And please join us at the 18th International Energy Psychology Conference to experience Gangaji in person. Being in her physical presence is an irreplaceable gift.

Robert Schwarz, PsyD, DCEP
Executive Director, Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Spiritual Teacher
Gangaji is  an internationally renowned teacher and author dedicated to sharing a path of freedom through self-inquiry. She powerfully articulates how it is possible to directly experience the truth of who you are, and, in that, discover true peace and lasting fulfillment.

Conference early bird prices end on April 4. Learn more and register.
Up to 42.5 CE hours are available for mental health professionals, acupuncturists and body workers. Up to 39.5 CME/CNE hours are available for physicians and nurses.

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