Transforming Grief: Models and Integrative Tools

(by Sherry O’Brian, LCSW, NBCCHt, DCEP) “Change is the only constant. But we are wired to hold on to what we have loved, to what was known and familiar. Therein lies much of our suffering since change always involves the loss of what was, making the way for what will be…. “ Donna Eden and […]

When it comes to Trauma and EP- Do you know the magic words?

The magic words are “Polyvagal Theory”. If you know the magic words you are going to want to watch this dialogue with Stephen Porges, a world-class neuroscientist who is familiar with and friendly towards Energy Psychology. If you don’t know the magic words, then you really want to watch this dialogue to begin to understand […]

Mindful practices that increase therapeutic presence

(By Robert Schwarz, PsyD and Ronald Siegel, PsyD) Most of us believe that it is important as therapists and healers to be deeply present with our clients. But how do you teach this skill? Is it even teachable? In this brief video blog, Ron Siegel, one of ACEP’s conference keynote presenters, discusses three ways that […]