Hip Replacement Surgery – The New Paradigm for Energy Psychology?

(by Robert Schwarz, PsyD, DCEP) Have you ever tried to explain to an old-fashioned therapist or doctor how energy psychology (EP) can permanently remove the effects of a significant traumatic incident in a single session, only to have them deride you or EP for such an outlandish claim? Let me suggest a different way to respond […]

Three Variations On the Art of Tapping

(by Gloria Arenson, MFT, DCEP) Have you noticed that many practitioners have begun to create and teach variations of the instructions as acupressure tapping techniques have become more widely known and used? Sometimes I wonder if this is helpful. Is it better to keep doing acupressure tapping exactly the way we learned it or is […]

Energy Psychology, Creativity and Your Joy

(By Robert Schwarz, PsyD, DCEP) Last weekend I went to a singer-songwriter weekend in Provincetown on Cape Cod. It was a perfect microcosm for exploring the yin and yang of using energy psychology (EP) to better connect with an activity that I love and, as a result, to experience more deeply the loving consciousness that […]