When it comes to Trauma and EP- Do you know the magic words?

scared cavemanThe magic words are “Polyvagal Theory”. If you know the magic words you are going to want to watch this dialogue with Stephen Porges, a world-class neuroscientist who is familiar with and friendly towards Energy Psychology. If you don’t know the magic words, then you really want to watch this dialogue to begin to understand a) one of the probable neurologic mechanisms of EP AND b) discover how healing and emotional regulation is an interactive process between people.   Stephen literally blew my mind a couple of times during this interview. The level of subtlety and clinical acumen that he possesses is really stunning. There are some incredible gems that he says that you could actually spend hours talking and thinking about.

stephen porges2

Watch the video then leave a comment below about what was most meaningful for you or what questions were provoked in you. (I know I had a bunch that I just had to leave alone or the talk would never have ended). I would really love to hear what you have to say.   And so would Stephen. And I bet others would as well. Perhaps we can get a great dialogue going on here before the conference. By the way, Stephen is hanging out for the whole conference. I know I am excited.  Finally sign up for the conference by February 17th to get the absolute best price. Go to energysych.org/2015 conference


  1. Thank you gentlemen. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation. The content was exciting and you both role modelled those ‘cues of safety’ that you were speaking about!

  2. Paul Schwartz says:

    I very much appreciate this type of conversation . I’ve been reading Arthur Janov lately and I feel there are major similarities . I was just curious as to how one’s deals with their triggers–besides feeling what I feel and sensing into the body. Wondering what other techniques might be helpful besides going through a long process of the Primal Scream. lol Thanks so much, Paul

    • Interesting question Paul. I am not that familiar with the details of Primal Scream, other than to see it as a highly cathartic therapy (which may or may not be accurate). In most EP approaches, as a person focuses on some aspect of a stressful scene, various images, memories of voice, and bodily sessions come up. Each of these things can treated with tapping or another approach. These approaches are very fast. And I think one of the reasons they are so fat is based on the Polyvagal idea that the client’s body and the practitioner are all relatively calm as you go through each of these internal cues. In fact, the amount of upset is going down with each pass. IT is the cycle of calmness that helps to communicate to the viscera that there is no danger. As the vagal nerve “believes’ it is in less danger the entire body calms down without any specific “insight”. Although the insight often comes, because the person is no longer in danger response mode. When a person is yelling at the top of their lungs the viscera experience that as massive amounts of danger. So it is a slow slog to process everything.

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