Hip Replacement Surgery – The New Paradigm for Energy Psychology?

hip replacement tshirt(by Robert Schwarz, PsyD, DCEP)

Have you ever tried to explain to an old-fashioned therapist or doctor how energy psychology (EP) can permanently remove the effects of a significant traumatic incident in a single session, only to have them deride you or EP for such an outlandish claim? Let me suggest a different way to respond to them.

Two days ago my wife had hip replacement surgery. Guess how long the entire procedure took? One hour! They made a 3-4 inch incision (that’s all), moved the muscles out of the way (they no longer cut them); disconnected the leg from the hip, cleaned out the old socket, glued in the new socket, and sawed off the ball on end of the leg bone. They then drilled a hole down into the leg, put in the new ball and put everything back together. During this process they couldn’t cut any arteries or nerves, and the leg had to be the exact same length. In my wife’s case they purposefully lengthened her leg 1/8 inch to correct for the fact that her right leg was shorter than the left. She went into surgery at 8:30am, and the doctor came out to see me at 9:30am. That’s one hour – the length of a single therapy session. Two days later, she is walking around and is home!!

Why am I telling you this story? When doctors/healers have the proper tools and the proper techniques they can repair damage more thoroughly and rapidly than what was possible only a few years before. Consider energy psychology versus prolonged exposure (PE) for treating trauma. PE is like the old hip replacement technique, where they cut the muscles and the healing was painful and long. EP is the new approach that allows us to go into the mind and make corrections without creating all that damage. The entire treatment can be blindingly fast, because we are using a better approach. And by the way, the surgeons and anesthesiologists were very sensitive to the idea of preventing pain from reaching the brain. They understood that pain begets more pain.

So the next time someone scoffs at you for saying that EP can resolve trauma in as little as a single session, just ask them if they know how long it takes to do hip replacement surgery from beginning to end. Then tell them, “If the surgeon is good and doing the latest approaches it takes one hour, beginning to end”. Pause and let it sink in. Then say, “It really is incredible what modern medicine can do with the new approaches they have these days.”  Then pause and say in a slightly slower voice, “ I know it sounds incredible compared to the old-fashioned way of working with trauma. but energy psychology is the new approach of modern psychotherapy, and with proper training we actually can resolve a traumatic memory in the same time it takes to replace a hip.”

By the way, in both hip replacement surgery and using energy psychology for trauma, the patient still needs to do some rehab after the “surgery”.

Robert Schwarz, PsyD, DCEP

Author, Tools for Transforming Trauma

ACEP Executive Director


Learn more about energy psychology and register for the 17th Annual Energy Psychology Conference as well as other trainings at www.energypsych.org


  1. I love this analogy and intend to use it when explaining EP to non-EP colleagues. It reminds me of the experience I had at my 25th college reunion where many of the gals were still wearing their hair the way they did in college!

  2. Thanks Bob! Good approach to prying open closed minds.

  3. Thanks Bob – very useful and creative idea. I’m wondering if you could tell me how long the hip replacement used to take?

    • It depends how far back in time you go. 5 years ago maybe it was 2 hours. 10 years ago longer. Of course the recoup time was longer back then, too.. I have a client who had a hip done10 years ago. It was 4 days in the hospital, then in patient rehab and then 2 months before return to work. My wife was 2 nights in hospital. Now she is at home and she will be back to work in 2 weeks.

  4. ACEP – you said, ” My wife was 2 nights in hospital. Now she is at home and she will be back to work in 2 weeks.”

    My question is: Did you do EFT with her for all the possible reasons her hip was bothering her?
    Aren’t there many times when a person wouldn’t have to have surgery if EFT had been used?

  5. This may hard to accept and believe, yet is possible for our body to rebuild hip joints that are damaged. I have worked with people who have had one hip replacement. The Doctor tells them their pain in their hip is caused by the same breakdown that happened in the other hip. The person asked me after reading my book is it possible that we could rebuild his right hip without surgery. My response is ” Yes
    if you are willing to accept and believe that it can be done” That was the catch that must be accepted.
    We did remove all the programming in his Subconscious Mind that had caused the breakdown in his hip.
    He went to the doctor a month later, the doctor could not accept this had happened yet his hip was back to normal. He had pain in the hip that had been replaced too. The doctor wanted to do exploratory surgery. Told him it looks like you have an infection in your hip. We cleared that too. Now he is back to work with no problems in his hips. He was om disability.

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