Help Contribute Ideas for ACEP’s Blog in 2013

ideas3As we move into 2013, we wanted to stop and reflect on last year in the blogosphere for a moment. It was our goal in 2012 to increase our readership by posting more frequently and consistently offering EP highlights and insights – everything from writing a series on college and depression, to doing a Q-and-A with Greg Warburton, to posting other great articles and fantastic news! While doing so, we hope that we gained your trust as an informative resource for energy psychology.

That is the main goal of the blog – to inform people about EP, both those who are just beginning to learn about it and those who have been studying and practicing energy psychology for years. We greatly enjoy sharing the latest breakthroughs and excellent work in the field.

With that in mind, we’re reaching out to you to help us with our big goals for 2013. If you have any story ideas or people whose work you think we should highlight, let us know! You can do so by emailing us at Even if you just have a small morsel of an idea, send it along and maybe we can flesh it out into something people will want to read.

We look forward to continue keeping you informed on energy psychology in 2013 and beyond!

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