A Tribute to Dorothea Hover-Kramer

We at ACEP are saddened to pass along the news that our co-founder, Dorothea Hover-Kramer, died of a heart attack this week. In addition to co-founding ACEP with David Gruder in 1999, Dorothea served as ACEP’s second president. She was one of the pioneers in both energy medicine and energy psychology and her work and enthusiasm for these approaches greatly helped in the process of them becoming more widely accepted over the years.

DorotheaWhile we grieve our sudden loss of Dorothea in our day-to-day interactions, we’re confident her presence, influence and inspiration in the lives of EP and other energy therapy practitioners around the globe will continue to be felt as she left an incredible legacy of seminal texts in the field, including Creating Healthy Relationships: Professional Standards for Energy Therapy Practitioners and Healing Touch: Essential energy medicine for yourself and others.

We are pleased that she was able to live long enough to see the initial dreams she had for ACEP come to fruition:

  • ACEP is a flourishing international nonprofit unifying the family of Energy Psychology methods
  • ACEP has a professional Executive Director and produces annual conferences that are truly world-class
  • ACEP is a leader in research, professional standards and ethics for the field
  • ACEP exemplifies interdisciplinary collaboration among helping professionals and energy-oriented psychotherapeutic and coaching methods
  • ACEP provides certification programs in Energy Psychology
  • ACEP is the first organization to approved by the American Psychological Association to award continuing education credit for Energy Psychology training to psychologists

To read a more in depth account of Dorothea’s vision and co-founding of ACEP, we recommend David Gruder’s loving tribute: http://www.thenewiq.com/dorothea.

dorotheapaintingBeyond her career accomplishments, Dorothea is remembered by her friends as an artist with a deeply compassionate heart. John Freedom had this to say: “Dorothea was both a masterful clinician as well as a visionary leader, combining a penetrating intellect with a tremendously loving heart.”

A true renaissance woman, she was not only an author, accomplished musician and painter, but a wife, mother and grandmother to boot. One of her paintings can be seen accompanying this blog post. To view more of her paintings or hear some of her music, please visit: http://www.dorothealifeartist.com/paintings/index.shtml.

In closing, we tip our hats to Dorothea – a loving and vital force who made such a positive difference in the world.  She will be sorely missed.

NOTE: Dorothea was also a major part of the Healing Touch community and here is their tribute to her.

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