The Globalization of Psychotherapy – a Delicate Dance

From west to east and east to west, the globalization of products, ideas and practices in today’s world is undeniable. The flourishing of the yoga industry in the west is one powerful example. McDonalds in India is another.

One of our main goals at ACEP is to expand awareness of the profound healing to be found when we open our psychotherapeutic toolbox to a responsible blending of the best of our western cognitive modalities with the somatic-energetic traditions of the east. We posit that our global health as a human race (mental, physical and spiritual) will increasingly be a reflection of each culture’s ability to integrate ideas from outside their own paradigm, while maintaining the practices, perspectives, and narratives that are crucial to one’s understanding of self in the world.

This 2010 New York Times article, The Americanization of Mental Illness, offers a thoughtful reflection on the impact of western psychology perspectives around the world – influencing both the types of mental illnesses people are diagnosed with and the way those illnesses are treated. While lengthy, the article is worth a read. It raises interesting questions, and we encourage you to share your thoughts below.

Photo on the front page from Kevin Slaton.

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