ACEP’s Pre-Conference Preview – Tapping Into Venture Development Psychology

For therapists and coaches interested in expanding their practices into working with entrepreneurs, David Gruder’s pre-conference workshop in Venture Development Psychology is for you. Along with his energy psychology background and his own entrepreneurial work, David is special counsel to the Chairman & Board of CEO Space International, the world’s largest and oldest entrepreneurial development […]

ACEP’s Pre-Conference Preview – Utilizing Information About the Chakra System to Identify Core Issues

(By Nancy Gnecco, LPC, DCEP) In many Energy Psychology modalities, practitioners look for “core issues” – the originating causes of current illness or emotional distress. If there are traumas at birth, or during the pre-cognitive stage of development, these core issues can be difficult to detect, and yet they are often the direct cause or […]

Setting The Record Straight

An article that appeared last November in the journal of Research on Social Work Practice (Gaudiano, Brown, and Miller,2012) presented energy psychology and its “energy meridian techniques” as falling within pseudoscience, having no research support, and no credible theory backing it. Besides ignoring substantial evidence to the contrary on all three assertions, the paper went […]