A Message from John Freedom

Here’s an end of the year message from John Freedom that we wanted to share with the readers of our blog:

Hi Everyone,John Freedom

As this year comes to a close, I feel grateful for many things: among them my many friends, my family, my kitty and chickens, and our online community. I feel that we have forged a very supportive community over these last several years. I am continually amazed and delighted that with a few typed keystrokes I can pick the brains of the finest minds in this field, as well as to ask for support when I need it. For this, I am very, very grateful.

In particular, I feel grateful for each of you. It is your interest, support for and commitment to this field of energy healing that continues to nurture and inspire me.

Our biggest accomplishment this year has been receiving authorization from APA to offer CE’s for our classes and trainings. Although this is not an endorsement of any specific technique or content, it does constitute recognition of ACEP being a responsible organization and member of the greater psychological community. We were also recognized as a top-rated non-profit org by greatnonprofits.org.


Looking ahead, we are moving forward with our NREPP submissions, to get EFT and TFT recognized as evidence-based modalities; to (despite the difficulties!) creating a presence on Wikipedia; continuing to encourage and seed research studies in EP; and to having another successful Research Symposium and Conference in Reston in June. Slowly, we are moving EP into the mainstream!

I wish you all much love and many, many blessings with your families, friends, and communities for this coming year…………….

– John Freedom


  1. Thank you John for your contributions!

  2. Lovely message, John. And thanks for all YOU do to move EP forward!

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