Transforming Energy Psychology into a Comprehensive, Transpersonal Psychotherapy

(by Michael Mayer, PhD) “The origin myth of any thing determines the way it is seen and its destiny, and creates a magical, incantational, hypnotic power,” says Mircea Eliade, (1963). The origin myth of current energy psychology approaches is rooted in the traditions of some of the field’s founders. Among these, for example, are chiropractor […]

Integrating Hypnosis and TAT – A Response to Questions

(by Lucy Grace Yaldezian, CHT, CHC, TAT) My initial post on this subject generated some interesting questions. Here is my take on some answers. I’d love to hear your perspective. To what extent is the pose necessary?  Even TAT professionals pose these questions in trainings and on our forum. I would not presume to speak […]

Energy Psychology and the Tao of Qigong

An interview with Michael DeMolina, PhD(c), MS, LPC, DCEP As an energy psychology practitioner, have you wanted to delve deeper into the realm of energy and consciousness? You know that energy psychology has its roots in Eastern approaches. What is the relationship between energy psychology and Qi Gong or Taoism? On the other hand, maybe […]