Tips, Tools & Energy Psychology Secrets Every Great Facilitator Should Know

Another mediocre one with more happening(by Betsy B. Muller, MBA, ACP-EFT, CEHP and Sheran Mattson, PsyD, MA, ACAP-EFT)

Would you like to improve the quality of more lives in a shorter amount of time and increase your income simultaneously? Integrating energy psychology (EP) techniques and interventions into group programs and facilitated events allows you to achieve these goals while spreading the healing potential of energy psychology to wider audiences.

As practitioners in private practice, we have been integrating EP into group offerings for 10 and 10+ years respectively. We’ve used EP in a wide variety of settings including creativity workshops, weekend retreats, training programs, teleseminars, webinars, speaking, career training, group coaching, and mastermind groups in both corporate and community settings.

Regardless of the focus, we have repeatedly observed these benefits (and more) of using EP with groups:

  • Adding EP is easy to do and facilitates learning.
  • EP supports heart-centered and client-focused service.
  • Integrating EP provides an intuitive energy boost to the facilitator.
  • EP techniques help participants feel safe, accepted and protected.
  • The healing energy is amplified.
  • Miracles happen regularly and have many witnesses.
  • Clients say they feel less isolated and more empowered.
  • Clients who can’t afford private sessions enjoy an affordable option.
  • Healing relationships are nurtured among group members for personal growth beyond the group setting.

Here are three simple ways you can start integrating energy psychology with groups today:

  1. Before your next program, tap or use your favorite EP technique to set intentions, prepare yourself as a leader and infuse your group space with supportive energy.
  2. Utilize energy balancers such as Cross Crawl or Wayne Cook Posture as warm-ups at the beginning of a program.
  3. Dare to share your favorite EP technique as a part of your next speech, training or group program, even if you have never done so before.

Using EP with groups is energizing and rewarding. Your practice can help more clients in an hour, increasing your income and client base, enhancing your community presence and good will. Group engagement will allow you to achieve a greater sense of fulfillment in changing more lives while growing your practice more quickly.

Betsy B. Muller, MBA, ACP-EFT, CEHP is a creative holistic business coach, professional speaker, certified Soul Detective and best-selling author of Energy Makeover. She offers private EFT/ coaching sessions, mentoring for holistic marketers, women’s retreats and inspiring presentations for conferences and events. Learn more at

Sheran Mattson, PsyD, MA, ACAP-EFT is a life coach, trainer, facilitator, and author. Dr. Sheran has an ACAP-EFT certification and certifications in strategic planning and facilitation from the International Association of Facilitators. She focuses on relationship and business effectiveness with individuals and groups. Learn more at

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