CEP Level 1 Workshop Added in Reston

CEP banner2Exciting news! We’re having a special workshop before our annual conference in Reston. On May 29-30, Wednesday and Thursday, before the conference, we’re holding a Level 1 Comprehensive Energy Psychology (CEP) workshop. The level 2 workshop will then be held June 3-4, Monday and Tuesday, after the conference.

In one week, you will be able to take levels 1 and 2 of our CEP program, AND attend our fantastic annual convention. This is a very rare opportunity. Usually CEP workshops are offered months apart in cities around the country.

If you don’t live in one of the areas where we’ve offered workshops, then this is your opportunity to take two workshops in one trip.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We need a minimum of 10 participants to sign up by April 10, so if you want to take part, call us right away at 619-861-2237. Please call our office before signing up.


CEP Level 1 in Reston: https://m360.energypsych.org/event.aspx?eventID=77396

CEP Level 2 in Reston: https://m360.energypsych.org/event.aspx?eventID=66406&

Annual Conference: https://m360.energypsych.org/event.aspx?eventID=56032&

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