ACEP’s Pre-Conference Preview – Dr. Fred Gallo’s Identity Method

Have you been interested in learning more about Dr. Fred Gallo’s Identity Method (IM)? You’ll have a chance to learn from Dr. Gallo himself at his 2013 pre-conference seminar. IM frames one’s psychological problems as controlling identities or ego states and works in a gentle manner that blends mindfulness with EP to dissipate them.

fredAs Dr. Gallo explains, “I find this work goes very deep, that it really helps to free people of certain ego states, or what I’m calling identities, which are structures that they’ve identified with, which are not really them.”

The key to Dr. Gallo’s method is a focused mindfulness in which the person holds attention on a controlling identity in a non-judgmental way. By doing this (sometimes along with stimulating acupoints), the energy that has been stuck with identity being worked on transmutes and re-integrates with the client as they are no longer feeding it as a separate ego state.

Dr. Gallo sums up IM by saying, “It does work with meridians and chakras to some extent, but primarily it is an integration of EP and mindfulness, or what I call focused mindfulness. It is an energetic and consciousness method and practice. A key ingredient is acceptance, but more than acceptance: observing and witnessing, which make it possible to reclaim your own energy that has been fueling the problem.”

Sometimes when dealing with identities, tapping can exacerbate the problem because one becomes really focused on wanting to get rid of the problem. Instead, Dr. Gallo recommends just observing the identity as it dissipates.

Like many EP practices, the Identity Method appears simple on the surface, but requires practice and refinement to be skilled at using it in a clinical setting. The “Introduction to the Identity Method” pre-conference seminar will demonstrate specific protocols used in IM. “One involves observing the silence and the space in the room. Another involves observing the emergence of thoughts and then looking to your internal horizon for the next thought to emerge,” explains Dr. Gallo.

Therapists attending this workshop will not only develop a solid foundation for guiding their clients through this deeply transformative process, they will also gain valuable tools for quieting their own minds and transmuting their own controlling identities

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