Study re: EFT in the treatment of food cravings

Hello Everyone, I received this fascinating email from John Freedom and thought I ‘d share. Ironically, before opening his email, I just enjoyed four freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. I intended on eating just one, but we all know how that goes. Had I opened this email ten  minutes earlier, three chocolate chip cookies might still be with us. ;(

I have cut and pasted John’s email below.  Enjoy!



EFT in the treatment of food cravings.   Not only did food cravings diminish significantly (as she expected), but her subjects’  BMI (Body Mass Index)  dropped as well.

This is very significant.   As many of us know, diminishing food cravings with EFT, TFT,and  TAT  is fairly easy.  This is the first evidence we have that using these techniques can catalyze not only a shift in eating habits, but result in weight loss as well.    These results held over 12 months.

Please see Peta’s letter, and video clip from Australian TV, below.


Hi John and Dawson, just keeping you posted on our study. Our 6-month paper is still under review but has been accepted for me to present in July at International Congress of Applied Psychology (Melbourne).

We have featured recently on Queensland state news – see –

Our 12 month results are in and not only did the food craving and power of food remain significantly low, we achieved a significant reduction in BMI (body mass index) from pre to 12 month. We were hoping for this J

Am writing up as we continue delivering workshops here to the masses.

Hope you are all well!


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