Free Grounding Skills Video from Therapist Sarah Jenkins

I have had the privilege of attending one of  Sarah Jenkins ‘ workshops last April in Tempe, Arizona.  Sarah is a phenomenal therapist who uses many forms of energy psychology in her practice.  She readily recognizes the symptoms of disassociation that often accompanies the experience and aftermath of trauma.  Trauma sufferers will often talk about a feeling of  “disconnect” or “lightheadedness” even years after a triggering event.

Sarah offers a brief video to address this problem and assist persons in returning to a more grounded state of being. Sarah writes: If you are familiar with feeling “out of your body” “not grounded” or “disconnected,” my brief YouTube video offers some free tips for getting back to yourself. It’s short, but is easy to download and have with you, for whenever you might need it.

Check out this “grounding” video to help you reconnect with your physical self and return to a calm state.

In love and light,


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