ACEP gains an ally in the fair treatment of energy psychology

Bob and Em tapping(By Robert Schwarz, PsyD, DCEP)

Last winter, we ran a very successful petition asking Wikipedia to follow its own rules when it comes to integrative health care pages such as EFT. (It now has 11,280 signatures, and you can still sign it.) As a result of this campaign, an introduction was made between ACEP and the developers of a new digital library, the Integrative Studies Historical Archive and Repository (ISHAR). It will be one stop shopping for information on integrative approaches. However, I am most excited about the fact that ISHAR will be an institutional player with the expertise and wherewithal to deal with the biases and unfair tactics often used on the web in places such as Wikipedia (at least when it comes to holistic health care approaches).

Please watch this short video and pass it on. And please donate to ISHAR − even $20 will help. If you have been frustrated by the way so-called “skeptics” have usurped Wikipedia, this is a way to bring power to bear on them. ACEP is providing a substantial matching grant to ISHAR.  (P.S. ACEP’s matching grant was met in under 5 hours.)

It took the organizational strength of ACEP to change the APA’s stance on energy psychology. More recently, ACEP has focused its organization strength on new goals. We are advocating for integrity in following the doctrines of fair play and neutrality in describing and evaluating EP, EFT and other integrative approaches on the web and in print. ISHAR stands for the same things. We are so pleased to have an ally in ISHAR.

Robert Schwarz, PsyD, DCEP

Author, Tools for Transforming Trauma

ACEP Executive Director

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