ACEP’s Pre-Conference Preview – Tapping Into Venture Development Psychology

For therapists and coaches interested in expanding their practices into working with entrepreneurs, David Gruder’s pre-conference workshop in Venture Development Psychology is for you. Along with his energy psychology background and his own entrepreneurial work, David is special counsel to the Chairman & Board of CEO Space International, the world’s largest and oldest entrepreneurial development organization.

Gruder_Photo_for_Website_0You don’t need to have prior knowledge of venture development or working with entrepreneurs to attend this seminar. On the contrary, this is the perfect opportunity to become educated in beginning to work with this client population, which includes not only entrepreneurs, but also leaders of nonprofits and cause-based organizations.

David will draw on his work with other entrepreneurs as well as his own experiences (both successes and failures) as an entrepreneur. In the list below, David shares the biggest mistakes he made in his initial entrepreneurial venture:

  • Being unclear about my ultimate exit goals and therefore not building the business around those goals.
  • Sacrificing my personal wellbeing and ultimately my first marriage because I allowed the business to own me instead of the other way around.
  • Being clueless about the stages of entrepreneurial project development and how to navigate these well.
  • Not knowing why entrepreneurs succeed and fail, and therefore ending up failing as much as I succeeded.

These mistakes helped David to understand what information needs to be passed on to others to truly support them in their business development endeavors: “My Venture Development Psychology material is what would have helped me avoid many of the most costly business mistakes I’ve made along the way. I don’t merely mean financially costly; I even more mean costly to my own wellbeing and to my relationship with my loved ones.”

As the number of entrepreneurs in the U.S. and around the world continues to grow substantially, there is an increasing need for EP-based psychological and coaching services that effectively address the blocks interfering with success in venture development.

In conclusion, David shares some key examples of areas in which EP can help illuminate and resolve issues that arise on the entrepreneurial journey:

  • Entrepreneurs get so excited about their project that they rarely design a practical, doable plan to maintain their life balance during the process. That includes their personal wellbeing and their cherished relationships. What often lives beneath their reluctance to do this is a limiting belief that business success requires sacrificing personal integrity, life balance, cherished relationships and/or social responsibility. EP has such a remarkable capacity to help people free themselves from these and other limiting beliefs.
  • A second example has to do with fear of power. Entrepreneurs are, by definition, leaders of their venture. There are two polar opposite versions of wrong relationship with power: over-energized power is tyranny and coercion; under-energized power is abdication and compromise. Right relationship with power as an entrepreneur is orchestrating high performance collaboration among one’s team. EP methods can help entrepreneurs eliminate whatever is keeping them in wrong relationship with power so that they are free to become effective conductors of their ensemble, which is the core team of experts and resources their venture needs in addition to themselves in order to succeed.
  • I was mentoring a newbie entrepreneur in developing a wonderful venture he had hatched. In one mentoring session I was helping him clarify specific aspects of who he needed to become in order for his venture to succeed. Over the course of this session he discovered that his shyness had all along been sabotaging his ability to do a number of the tasks that his venture’s success required. As we used Energy Psychology methods to help him transform his shyness from a roadblock into an ally, his project shifted into hyper-growth.

If you are interested in learning more, or to register for this pre-conference workshop, CLICK HERE.

Also, of note, Dr. Gruder has created a private webpage where you can access a bibliography he has assembled:

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