Tina Craig on finding the right words with EFT

For those who utilize EFT, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right words to use with clients. This is especially the case when practitioners use a global approach and try to deal with many issues at once. Tina Craig recommends that instead practitioners should try to focus on specific events. This will enable them to use simpler and more direct language. As Tina states: “If you are having trouble finding the right language for your setup, consider that your target is still too global and find something more specific.”

Tina is the former director of ACEP’s EFT Certification Program, and we highly recommend this article for anyone who uses EFT in their practice: http://emotionalbuzz.com/articles/article180TC/index.html

ACEP has created an online EFT training program with live, virtual practice in small groups. You can learn more about it, along with our certification program at eftonline.org

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