Dr. Schwarz goes to Capitol Hill

Last week I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Hope on the Hill, a citizen healers training program in Washington, D.C. sponsored by Voice for HOPE. It was a gathering of people from as far as California interested in helping to educate lawmakers about natural health care in general, and energy psychology in particular. Over two days we were prepared by Voice for HOPE personnel on how to constructively approach our congressional representatives about these topics.

One of the most important pieces of advice we were given is to make sure to research and get to know our congressperson before talking with them, or their aides. With that in mind, I looked up my local congressman, Pat Meehan. He doesn’t currently do anything with health care, but he is involved in creating a court for soldiers who get into trouble because of mental health issues. I knew that this would be my “in” with his aide.

Another angle I was told to keep in mind is that I’m a constituent of Mr. Meehan and that there are thousands of people in his district who also use natural health care.  When I met with Congressman Meehan’s aide,Rachel, I started out by letting her know that I was there, along with Voice for HOPE, to be a resource to Mr. Meehan on natural health care issues. Rachelrelaxed as soon as she saw that I was not trying to push or sell anything. She asked me, “You mean like acupuncture or homeopathy?” I knew right then that this could be a fruitful conversation. I said yes, and told her there are many other natural health care solutions available, such as energy psychology – which also uses the acupuncture meridian system.

Instead of going from there and pushing energy psychology, though, and possibly causing her to shut down, I asked about the work the congressman does for veterans with mental health issues. Rachel explained how Mr. Meehan tries to help those veterans stay out of prison, and instead get them treatment for their mental health problems.

This conversational approach was another lesson I had learned through the training. I created a dialogue in which we could find common ground. Once she talked about helping veterans, I then told her about the ways energy psychology has helped people with PTSD. I gave her the letter to the VA signed by three congressmen who supported using EP methods to help veterans.

She was quite interested and the rest of the conversation went smoothly. We even discussed personal topics such as how she attended the same program that my son is attending next year. Since I kept the conversation from veering into being a sales pitch, Rachel was very receptive to discussing the pertinent topics with me. I realized that the most important thing to do is to relax and have a conversation with another human being who is trying to do his or her best.

Overall, this was a great and therapeutic experience and I will be following up with my congressman. I hope you have a chance to go to go to the next Hope on the Hill training in February. Stay tuned for more.


  1. Great work! I appreciate you sharing this b/c I’ve met psychologists whose eyes glaze over when the topic of EP is approached let alone politicians. This is a good suggestion to us all. Thanks, Joanne Karpinen (Michigan)

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