The Human Brain and Law of Attraction: Optimizing Brain Function with EFT

By Laurel Cozzuli, therapist

In the pursuit of personal betterment, the mechanics of the human brain are often overlooked in favor of treating emotional issues.  Yet a poorly functioning brain can mean pervasive behavior dysfunction, which translates into an enduring pattern of difficult life experiences.  This is whether or not emotional relief has been attained through the use of EFT.  Well-established neuro-pathways that have dictated a life of misery or disenchantment must be “rewired” before genuine change can take place and a life of abundance can be created.

In a nutshell, the person that has the most difficulty putting the Law of Attraction (LOA) into action is the one that 1) has a hyperactive amygdula, the human brain’s emotional “storehouse,” 2) has a low functioning prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for helping a person take action in accordance with goals, 3) has impaired functioning in the anterior cingulate, which is responsible for processing information between the right and left brain hemispheres, and 4) has an overactive nucleus accumbens, which is responsible for a human’s experience of extreme pleasure. An overactive nucleus accumbens is often seen in addictive behaviors.

The following treatment plan addresses the most common “trouble spots” in the human brain that lead to an impaired ability to engage LOA.

Even if you do not really understand all this “brain jargon,” going through this process will help you take substantial steps towards future goals and create a life of abundance and inner-peace. During these exercises, use the diagram below to assist you in visualizing the specific brain areas being treated. You may wish to print out this entire treatment plan before proceeding.

Happy Tapping!

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