A Calling for Inclusiveness: Beginning Reflections on the Elements of a Truly Integrative Energy Psychology – A Beingness Based Model

Andrew H. Hahn, Psy. D. and Joan T. Beckett, M.A.

A Beingness Based Model

Energy Psychology is currently an alphabet soup of schools, most of which are based on interventions – EFT, TFT, TAT, EMDR, BSFF, the list goes on and on. This paper is a call for an inclusive model and an integrative theoretical framework on which such a model can be based – one that can hold all of us (whether we are meridian, chakra, or field-based) with an open hand. For us, such a model is founded in “Beingness”.

What is Beingness? Beingness is the infinite energy that we could call “I am” which includes I always was, I am and I always will be. This idea has been suggested by the great spiritual teachers throughout history and then corroborated by physicists, starting with Albert Einstein, continuing with David Bohm, and furthered by those that have followed them. These scientists have substantiated that time is an illusion, that there is no such thing as locality..  

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