Send a Student to the 2010 International Energy Psychology Conference in San Diego!

Energy Psychology is on the ‘cutting edge’ of psychotherapy, and ACEP is THE premiere organization educating, researching and promoting these new energy-based therapies.  We are  very excited about our upcoming conference in San Diego, and hope that you are as well.

Young people are the Hope and Promise of our future.  They are open to new ideas and innovations, and have more energy and more years to make a difference in our world.   Very often, they wish to attend more educational opportunities like trainings and conferences, but may lack the funds to do so.

We wish to see more young people at our conference!  We are offering substantial discounts (approx 50% off the conference fee)  to all currently registered graduate and undergraduate students.  We are also offering a limited number of full-tuition scholarships to the conference!  All  students who attend will also receive a FREE ACEP membership  for one year.

If you know any researchers or graduate students interested in Energy Psychology or Energy Medicine Research, tell them about ACEP and SEND THEM TO THE CONFERENCE!  Application deadline is March 15, 2010.

To apply for a conference scholarship, please contact:

John Freedom

Chair, ACEP Research Committee

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