APA Approves ACEP to Provide CE Credits for Psychologists

It is with tremendous pleasure that we announce to you that ACEP has been approved by the American Psychological Association to be a provider of CE credit for psychologists and that we can provide CE credit for our programs in Energy Psychology effective Nov 11, 2012. This has been a process that has taken over […]

A Respectful Disagreement with the APA

EP has proven effective even for those who have survived the worst of traumas, such as the genocide in Rwanda

If you are interested in energy psychology, it is likely you know the American Psychological Association (APA) is the only professional mental health organization that has been summarily negative about EP, despite the research showing EP’s effectiveness. In a story that came out Sunday, June 24 on the website of WPRI in Rhode Island, APA […]

Is the APA Blocking the Most Effective Treatments for PTSD?

by David Feinstein, PhD. In the wake of enormous controversy about its role in the participation of psychologists in the use of torture to extract information from prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and in other parts of the world, a new round of criticism has been directed toward the American Psychological Association (APA). Growing numbers of […]