A Formula to Cure Your Networking Woes


(by Margaret Lynch)

 Editors Note: This blog was written for coaches, but it applies to all helping professionals who work with clients.

 If you have a panic attack at the idea of networking or simply talking to people about what you do, this easy formula can dramatically transform how you approach networking forever.

“What Do You Do?”

If you struggle with just the idea of networking, it can feel impossible to overcome; like you’ll never be able to share and grow your business message properly with colleagues or with anyone! Chances are, you’re simply not comfortable introducing and talking about yourself professionally. When people ask you, “What do you do?” what feelings and kind of response does this evoke? My guess is that it’s very similar to why I didn’t like networking when I left corporate America to start my own coaching practice. I had been accustomed to introducing myself in a certain way for eighteen years and when I became a coach, I was extremely uncomfortable in trying to relearn how to do this. I would fumble and ramble and literally just list the things that I did! No wonder I didn’t want to network and why you probably don’t either! However, we both know that networking is absolutely necessary to grow our businesses. That’s why it’s so important to comfortably and confidently introduce yourself and your practice in a networking environment.


Your Perfect Client Should Hear Themselves in Your Message

When you discover that there’s a system, a basic formula for describing what you do to other people, the act of networking will become second nature. If you build this formula correctly, it will not only allow you to speak with ease, but also when speaking to your perfect customer, they will hear their own struggles in your words as well the benefits of working with you. It’s a form of subliminal messaging. You want your description to be concise enough to be easily heard and processed, but detailed enough to be relatable. When using this formula, your response to, “What do you do?” will lead people to say, “Wow, that’s really interesting. Can I hear more?”


Formula Part I: Show vs. Tell

The formula is a sequence of words in which you will fill in the blanks according to your expertise. Begin by saying, “I show.” This is important because you want to avoid saying, “I help” as the word show actually sets you up to show all the benefits of what you do. It enhances the visualization process and allows listeners to visualize what you say next, as opposed to just thinking about it. Vision creates a far more powerful reality than thought alone.

So, “I show” and then fill in the blank. What types of people do you help? Another great tip: use positive attributes for those people. For example, I would say, “I show amazing, talented, success-minded people…” as opposed to saying, “sad, depressed people with low self-esteem.” The first example will peak interest and relativity when people think, “Yeah, that’s me,” or “That’s who I want to be,” instead of deterring them from working with you using the second, depressing example. See the difference?


Formula Part II: The Struggle

Next, you’ll want to insert: “…struggling with (insert pain-points).” What is your perfect customer struggling with? Is it not making enough money? Is it that they have pain in their body? Are they struggling to lose weight or regain their health? Whatever it is you do as a coach, fill in the most pervasive pain-points that your customer has. For example: “I show amazing, talented, success-minded people struggling with their money…” This is where you can focus on the negative; the struggle is what’s holding them back from where they want to be. This is also a great way to market-test those pain-points because as you’re saying them, you can assess how people resonate with them and either take note of how good they are or change them based on people’s reactions.


Formula Part III: The ‘How to’

The final part of this formula is to insert the how to. This is a little misleading because you’re not actually going to give any how to. What you’ll put here instead is the desired outcome or benefit that someone will experience after working with you. What will they be able to become? What will they now have? Going back to the example: “I show amazing, talented, success-minded people struggling with their money how to be empowered money managers.” Give them the experiential benefits so that they will visualize themselves in a better, more desirable place after having taken on your services.


Stand Out at Networking Events

This is merely a formula that will depend entirely upon your expertise and coaching approach. Play with it and change it however often you feel the need until it most suits you and your clientele. Practice your formula and then go out there and network. Even if it’s not perfected yet, even if you still need to refine it, you will quickly see how much more effective you will be at networking using this method. Let’s be honest, at any networking event, 99% of the other people there are going to stammer and struggle and ramble about what they do, just like you and I both did before learning this formula. You, my friend, will stand out like someone who is clear, concise, and focused; a rock star in any crowd!


About Margaret Lynch
The Wall Street Journal Calls her “The Wealth Manifestation Authority”! Margaret M. Lynch shows coaches and experts how to clear their inner blocks to money and success and step into the “on-fire enthusiasm and charisma” that is key to skyrocketing wealth. Margaret has trained and certified hundreds of people to be world class, thriving coaches following the methods in her best-selling book Tapping Into Wealth (Penguin/Tarcher).

After 18 years of engineering management and winning top sales awards at Fortune 500 companies, she left corporate America and to live her passion: helping others succeed. In less than 4 short years, Margaret created a million dollar business using the exact techniques she teaches. She brings her truly transformational work to thousands of people from all over the globe through her wildly popular coaching programs, live events, on-line videos (almost 16K youtube subscribers) and through her newsletter which goes out to over 170,000 raving fans.

She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Miami Herald, Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, NBC, ABC, CBS News, FOX and CNN. She is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP).

For more information about Margaret’s transformational products and programs please visit www.MargaretMLynch.com.

For more information about energy psychology and ACEP, visit www.energypsych.org.



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