15th Annual Conference – Best One Yet!

Dorothea Orb Photo_Conference 2013v2

There seemed to be a general feeling in the air in Reston that ACEP’s 15th Annual Conference nourished a little more deeply and captured the spirit of this unique community more completely than conferences past. Perhaps it was because it was a milestone year – or that we were being looked after by the guiding spirit of one of ACEP’s co-founders, Dorothea Hover-Kramer (see orb in photo).

Whatever the case, we are so grateful for the opportunity to gather and exchange energy and ideas once a year with so many wonderful people whose primary concern is how to bring more healing to this world.

Below is a lovely summary from Richard Page, our conference audio engineer/videographer, of his experience in Reston:

My dear Emily,

You asked what I liked most about the ACEP Conference in Virginia, in which you invested your full heart and soul. Your inquiry deserves more than a flip response. First, I did not like the conference, I loved it and it loved me back. My first impression was while setting up the video camera in the Ballroom. A dapper fellow was watering all the plants around the stage. I assumed he was a full-hearted volunteer, and indeed he was, except that he was also Dr. David Feinstein, opening keynoter. Never in my career of recording over 30,000 healers did I see someone so nurturing of the healing field where he would later deliver to us his gratitude and gentle wisdom. I would put myself in his healing hands anytime!

Lois gave every fiber of her Being to serving everyone’s needs, balancing the production masterfully for the benefit of all. Dr. Bob Schwarz is an Einstein at allowing all to be themselves, to heal and be healed, creating a space where all felt at home. You, Emily, greeted all from within your heart, immediately dissolving all separation–the separation that is the father of all fears, angers, mistrust and aloneness. You see wellness and wholeness (what the Sufis call Shah Naz–the Royal Glance) so strongly that others see their own wholeness just as they are. Joan Borysenko lit us all with her personal vulnerability, encouraging us to enter our own covered places and light them with ‘epigenetic changes.’ Bill Tiller boggled the mind so thoroughly that most of us had to surrender to the mystery that is in NOT knowing. My mind still wanted a take-away, so I focused on his peizo-electric and ‘refrigerator compressor’ model of the effect of ‘tapping’…  Roger Jahnke expanded the need for self-healing in his irrascible refusal to continue the “I am sick you fix me’ model. His exquisite movement demonstrated the Art in Marital Arts.

…and Eben Alexander, Heavens to Betsy, lightened our dread of death as enemy. When he told us our Life Review with God requires us to feel all the pain we have caused others, not from our view but from theirs, I was stunned. In the Q & A that followed, I reported being stricken by that realization, and that my hope is in the First Nations teaching that when we heal ourselves, we heal seven generations forward AND seven generations back. Perhaps an example of Bill Tiller’s retrocausation.

As an aside, the wondrous Rumi transliterator Coleman Barks reported that the Sufi Saint Bawa Muhaiyadeen suggested: “Coleman, when you review your life movie with God, be sure to include some parts that you liked.”

So, Emily, these are just some parts of the conference that I ‘liked’.

Thank you with Love and Respect for your Loving Co-Creation..

Richard Page, Conference Recording Service.

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