ACEP’s Pre-Conference Preview – The Soul of Healing: Integrating Energy Psychology & Esoteric Teachings

Mary Sise’s goal in leading her pre-conference seminar is to help fellow practitioners become aware of and then release the issues that keep them from helping their clients in the best way possible. Her seminar will include lecture and theory, but more importantly it will be experiential.

Tuning ForksMary feels her whole career has been a path that has led her to being able to present this seminar. Early in her practice using the techniques of energy psychology, she noticed when she was helping clients with their problems, if she was dealing with a similar issue (ie unworthiness, jealousy), then the therapy would help her as well. After working with a few thousand of her own issues, she realized that she was becoming much more successful as a practitioner. In other words, she had to heal herself before she could fully hold the space for her clients to heal.

“As I would clear it energetically, not just mentally, the issues would start to clear [in my life]. Then something that would normally take longer would clear more quickly with a client. Things just heal faster with people nowadays, I’ve found,” Mary said.

The next big step in the evolution of her practice was when she started to study with Her Holiness Sai Maa. Sai Maa helped Mary understand the importance of clearing problem areas in one’s own life in order to help others:

“As I began to study with Sai Maa, someone who knows about enlightenment and high consciousness, she explained how everything is vibration and how everything resonates. If I don’t move the problem area, the client won’t be able to. It’s like the friend who is stuck in the mud with you, you like the company, but no one gets unstuck. In addition, spending time in Sai Maa’s space also raised my vibration; just by being there. I have received great teachings and energetic activations which I can share with the participants.”

This workshop will also discuss the common healer patterns and beliefs that practitioners have to be cognizant of. They can often feel like they are a rescuer; that they can do it all; that only they know what’s best for the client, or other beliefs of that nature:

“Arrogance and rescue are the two big themes that block healers and get in the way. Overdoing it and playing the martyr is another. That comes out of a childhood wound: Nobody helps me; I’m the best. Now you’re working from ego, not the soul. You need to identify which clients you do that with and which you don’t. Some clients trigger those wounds. Identifying and clearing up the origin of something enables the healer to be more clear. You can’t be clear when you’re triggered. Certainly don’t pretend like you don’t have it. That’s the arrogance.”

Since it is so important for healers to recognize their patterns and release them, Mary’s seminar will be mostly experiential. By helping practitioners heal their own wounds so they are working from the soul, their own energy field will vibrate higher and that will impact the therapy session.

“This is a concept we don’t always talk about in Energy Psychology. What is the vibration of the Healer?”


  1. Audrey Vaidya says:

    The entire article was very informative, however I really liked the healers blocks. That is something I am going to look into. Thanks for sharing.

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