Notes from the Office: The Unseen Work of ACEP

(By: Andrew Zivic)

I applied to work at ACEP last spring for their part-time social media position. At the time, I didn’t know anything about energy psychology. I’m a naturally skeptical person and, having been raised in the Western objectivist tradition, I was really unsure as I began learning about it. When offered the position, I thought long and hard about coming to work for an organization doing work in an area that I wasn’t sold on.

NotesI accepted the position, and quickly immersed myself in the energy psychology literature, both popular and scholarly. If I was going to promote the organization via social platforms, I needed to both understand energy psychology and, more importantly, believe in it.

The more evidence I read, the harder it became to be skeptical that energy psychology really does work well for people with a variety of issues. In a very short time, about a month or so, I went from being skeptical to believing that I was promoting something worthwhile. In my personal life, I went from being vague when describing ACEP to thoroughly describing what we do and how it helps people.

The literature played a big part in turning my skepticism, but along with that, working in the ACEP office helped as well. It’s a small office with just three others, but they are dedicated, hard-working, and smart people. Through conversations with them, I realized I was not alone in being initially skeptical.

I’m writing this post because I think it’s important to point out the intangible benefits that ACEP provides that may not be obvious. The work ACEP did for years to get APA approved to offer CE credits is great. Along with that, though, our organization works hard to disseminate information in a responsible way to help inform a broad range of audiences about the healing that is taking place through EP and the science behind it. We’re a small office, but my colleagues work tirelessly on behalf of energy psychology, and if you support the organization with donations, they will work to make energy psychology even more widely accepted than it already is.

Click here to help ACEP.

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