Energy Psychology in the Psychotherapy Bulletin

We’ll let Dr. David Gruder take this one:

“The first APA Journal to cover progress in energy psychology was Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training (the Journal of APA Div 29, “Psychotherapy”), when they published David Feinstein’s initial research review in 2008. They took a risk in doing so, and they got some very nasty feedback for their efforts.  David’s updated research review, however, really vindicates them for having taken the risk. I felt Division 29, and the editor of their journal in particular, deserved to be congratulated.

So I wrote a short piece for their membership, which was just published in their quarterly newsletter, Psychotherapy Bulletin.  ACEP and the entire energy psychology field can also take pride in these developments, so I have attached the article below and invite you to post it on any relevant lists or blogs.

The entire issue that includes the article (see page 39) and its references can be found at



  1. Excellent on all counts. Thanks for the updates and thank you both for carrying these “yet to be accepted” approaches into the mainstream of psychology.

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