Helping out after Hurricane Sandy

We at ACEP are keeping everyone who was in the path of Hurricane Sandy in our thoughts. Our main office is in Ardmore, PA near Philadelphia, and we were lucky that our area was not hit as hard as initially expected. For others who ended up being fortunate like we were, it is important to remember that there are millions of people were not so fortunate – people who are without power, hot water, heat, or had their homes destroyed or even those who lost loved ones in the worst areas.

It is important that in times like this, we keep those people in our thoughts and send them our positive energy. There was a good post at Psych Central about the power of compassion in the face of natural disasters. We would like to echo those thoughts that compassion is important, as is any help you can give people – whether that be clothes, food, money, shelter, your time, or whatever else you can give someone who needs it.

We live in a communal world and it is important to reach out and help where and when you can to those who need it. If you are an energy psychology practitioner who lives in an area affected by Sandy, this would be a great opportunity to offer a free session to people who have suffered this past week. Another alternative would be to offer pro bono group services to schools, churches and synagogues or first responders. Let people know that you can provide stress reduction techniques to help people function better or to let go of trauma based reactions.  It would allow you to not only spread the word about EP, but also help out your community. Offering your services to those affected is a great way to help your community during a difficult time.

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