Energy Psychology as a brief therapy treatment for trauma “TED style” talk

Last spring I was invited to give a “TED style” talk for the Psychotherapy Networker Conference on energy psychology (EP) as a brief therapy. “TED style” meant that it had to be 20 minutes or less. The setting and staging was nowhere near as fancy as a TED talk. Nevertheless, here is the result of that invitation–a […]

The Amygdala, Fear and Energy Psychology – Contemplations on a Neuroscientist’s Blog

(by Robert Schwarz, PhD, DCEP) In a recent blog titled “The Amygdala Is NOT the Brain’s Fear Center”, neuroscientist Joseph Ledoux laments that the amygdala has “gone from an obscure area of the brain to practically a household word, one that has come to be synonymous with ‘fear’.” He goes on to say, “It is […]