Our Pillar of “Trust” is Being Challenged by the Invisible

(by John H. Diepold, Jr, PhD) In this era with an invisible foe (covid-19), many of us may be experiencing a myriad of conflicting thoughts and feelings that shake us to the core. These are times that we ought to, and need to, be able to “Trust” our healthcare systems to both protect us and heal us as needed. However, healthcare is complexly entangled […]

“I remember but I don’t feel upset”: How energy psychology facilitates memory reconsolidation

(by Sarah Murphy, LPC) One of the best things about being an energy psychology practitioner is seeing that look of wonder in our clients’ eyes when their traumatic memories are no longer traumatic. “I remember it, but I don’t feel upset about it,” they say. It’s the kind of experience that makes this profession so […]

3 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health Resilience – Right Now!

Now is the time to learn how to strengthen your mental health resilience. Resilient people are able to recover more quickly and easily from difficult circumstances. Taking the time to build your mental health resilience can help you feel a sense of personal power in a world that can feel out of control. In today’s […]