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Some Roadblocks to the Dissemination of Energy Psychology Research

(By Lorna Minewiser, PhD, CEHP) I am part of a group of EFT practitioners who are introducing EFT to veterans on a community college campus. Most of the veterans are young and recently enrolled in classes after returning from deployment. Many of them have experienced traumatic events and we practitioners, having participated in the Veteran […]

Research in Energy Psychology Poster Sessions 2010 International Energy Psychology Conference June 4 & 5, 2010, San Diego

We are soliciting poster presentations in the fields of Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine for our 2010 Conference. Energy Psychology is a new branch of psychology which is researching the human subtle energy system, consisting of the acupuncture meridians, the chakra system, and the human biofield. It is theorized that these energetic systems, in part, […]

Make a Fresh Start in 2018!

by Jennifer E. Closshey, PhD Editor’s Note: This article was originally published for people in all walks of life. While the content may not be new to those in the healing professions, it’s a good reminder, and worth a read. The end of the year is a natural time for reflection, recognizing that a new […]