Feeling Dark Inside? It’s Your Time to Shine!

(by Tapas Fleming, LAc)

Here’s how to get there.

Have you heard or felt yourself or clients feeling lonely, attacked by dark, gripping thoughts and contemplating “What’s the point of my life?  What difference would it make if I wasn’t here?”  Not exactly suicidal thoughts, but facing in that direction.  And on top of it all, not wanting to tell anyone…because it is just not your normal?

In a dark place?

From the UK to Canada, the USA to India, clients and friends all over the world are coming up with the exact same phrases and feelings. Energetically, many look like they have the end of a bullet-shaped, thick metal encasement suspended around their head, neck and shoulders. Dark, lightless clouds are within the covering and relentless, heavy rain is pouring down, rain that sucks all the happiness out of the person. I’ve seen this in many people and they say, “Yes, that’s just how it feels.” (I can see, hear and feel conditions in people’s energetic fields.)

Get back into the light, using TAT!

Once we do a TAT session about all this, the negative thoughts and feelings, metal encasement, darkness and horrible rain totally and effortlessly clear up. And then, wow!!! People are shining from their hearts like the sun: a brilliant white, warm light that seems to go on forever and connect them with life with a new effortless strength. It is beautiful, inspiring, and attainable. If you yourself are in that kind of dark condition, take heart: you’re not the only one and relief is very near along with an incredible new condition of happy brilliance. This is your new natural self.  

In your healing work with clients and yourself, consider that if you see, hear or feel anything like I’m describing, you can include this whole picture in your healing intention.

Want to learn more? Watch a quick TAT session

Here’s a demo of a quick TAT session I did with someone who had their version of the above going on and how it cleared so fast. 


Tapas Fleming, LAc, a California licensed acupuncturist, created a simple technique (TAT®) that can gently and easily reduce stress, end limiting beliefs, and greatly enhance presence. One of the most celebrated leaders in energy psychology, Tapas has taught TAT to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. She is a long-time ACEP member. tatlife.com

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