Next Time You Can’t Sleep, Try This.

Want to learn a great technique to help you sleep? You’re in the right place. This blog teaches you an easy tool you can use tonight to help you get the sleep you need.

(by Sarah Murphy, LPC)  The Balance Hook-Up, also called the Wayne Cook Posture, is a technique that can help overcome insomnia. In two to 15 minutes, you will feel your body and mind relax, which can help you fall asleep. This technique comes to us from Donna Eden. Practice the technique right now by watching the video below and following along. You can also download written instructions in EnglishPortuguese, and Spanish.

Why It Works

The Balance Hook-Up is a simple technique that actually has a lot to it! Crossing our ankles, arms, and hands, we are crossing the brain’s corpus callosum; this helps us feel grounded. The gentle pressure and attention to our chest area and slow breathing help activate the upper portion of the vagus nerve, which helps us calm down. Moving our tongue up and down applies gentle pressure to our meridian system. All of these ingredients combine to make a fabulous self-soothing, anti-insomnia recipe. 

If you haven’t given the Balance Hook-Up a try yet, do it now. Take notice of how your body feels both before and after you use the technique. It is helpful not just for insomnia, but any time you feel upset or have racing thoughts. In fact, this technique is just one of many you can use when you need calming and balancing.

Spreading the Word About Energy Psychology

If you found the Balance Hook-Up helpful, we would love to hear from you! Please write to us in the comments below. 

All of the videos and techniques in our “Try This” series were created by ACEP’s Humanitarian Committee in order to help people heal by spreading the word about the powerful effects of energy psychology techniques. We invite you to help by sharing this information!

Need Help from a Professional?

Many people are looking for holistic ways to address common emotional and psychological issues. ACEP is a nonprofit, 501c3 dedicated to the research, education, and sharing of energy psychology.  Check out the ACEP practitioner directory to find a certified ACEP therapist in your area or online.

Author   Sarah Murphy, LPC

Sarah Murphy is a licensed professional counselor and coach with more than 12 years of clinical experience. She is Communications Committee Chair for ACEP and staff therapist for Unite for HER. She specializes in energy psychology, including EFT, as well as mindfulness and hypnotherapy. Learn more at

Video Resources Provided by the ACEP Humanitarian Committee

The mission of the ACEP Humanitarian Committee is to develop and implement humanitarian projects that alleviate emotional distress caused by catastrophic natural and man-made events around the globe. We do this by encouraging and assisting ACEP members in developing humanitarian projects that utilize recognized energy psychology and other modalities that meet ACEP’s standards and guidelines. Learn more here.

Featured image photo by Nubelson Fernandes on Unsplash


  1. Absolutely wonderful. Love it.
    Would it be ok to “copy that” and use with clients?
    Thank you.

    Kind regards Christina Artuphel

  2. Almudena says:

    Hello! This worked. I did not try it while trying to fall asleep but at my kitchen table. Few seconds into the exercise/practice, I felt going inward, leaving external stimuli behind. I also felt warm and “safe. As I continued with the progression, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the kindness of others. Tears (of gratitude and comfort) began to roll. Thank you for sharing the video and the explanation. I am looking forward to trying this at night when my mind is racing- instead of counting sheep..”

  3. Fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing this technique and for the lovely video.

  4. Marvelous! Thank you Sarah for your clear description of Cook’s Hook Up and the multimedia video. I posted it on my FB page which draws psychotherapists and people in recovery worldwide.

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