How to Reduce Emotional Shock Quickly

If you are experiencing emotional shock as the result of a recent trauma or loss, this article teaches you a tool that you can use to help yourself right now.

A quick and efficient way to reduce feelings of shock is to calm your body down. An easy way to do this is to practice a technique called the “Four Thumps.” This simple body-based technique helps your flight or fight response to relax and allows your body to calm down quickly. If you’re ready to try it, watch the video below and follow along.

Video: How to Do the 4 Thumps Technique*

Why It Works

When you experience a shock as a result of a traumatic and/or surprising event, your body becomes flooded with stress hormones activating your internal fight, flight, or freeze response. These hormones are your body’s built in self-protection mechanism. However, these hormones remain active in your system after the real or perceived threat of danger has passed.

Body-based practices like The 4 Thumps Technique can help reduce the amount of stress in your body. This can help you to return to a more relaxed physiological state. As your body relaxes, your emotional state can calm down and your thinking becomes more clear.

If you haven’t given the The 4 Thumps Technique a try yet, do it now, following the video above. Take notice of how your body feels both before and after you use the technique. You can also download printed instructions in English and Spanish. This technique is just one of many you can use to reduce emotional shock.

More Techniques to Help with Shock

If you found the 4 Thumps technique beneficial, here are a few more tools you can use to help recover from a recent trauma or shock: The Thymus Thump, Heel Shock Release, and the Trauma Tapping Technique.

Need Help From a Professional?

Recovering from trauma and shock is difficult. It’s normal to need assistance with this. You don’t have to go through this alone. Check-out the ACEP practitioner directory to find a practitioner who is an ACEP member in your area or online.

Author: Kirsten May Keach, MA – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Kirsten Keach is a licensed marriage and family therapist based in Orlando, Florida. Her specialty is relationships. She helps couples and singles develop meaningful, lasting, soulful love relationships. In her free time she is an avid traveler, improv comedy performer & amateur salsa dancer. Learn more about Kirsten here.

Video Resources Provided by the ACEP Humanitarian Committee

The mission of the ACEP Humanitarian Committee is to develop and implement humanitarian projects that alleviate emotional distress caused by catastrophic natural and man-made events around the globe. We do this by encouraging and assisting ACEP members in developing humanitarian projects that utilize recognized energy psychology and other modalities that meet ACEP’s standards and guidelines. Learn more here.

*As taught by Donna Eden.

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