A moment of reflection – “jewels of consciousness”


A moment of reflection – frankly, I just don’t do it enough. There is always so much to do, so many things to accomplish, so many requests to respond to. Even writing this blog can be another check box to accomplish. The funny thing is that many times I am deeply inspired to write something or accomplish something.

Then again there are times like this moment, where I have nothing to say or do. What I am aware of is feeling a great deal of love and connection and gratitude for all of the wonderful people in my life and for the tribe of ACEP and for an even larger tribe of healers of all stripes, and beyond that as well. I love these moments. They are like jewels of consciousness that sparkle and shine and radiate. Unlike material jewels such as diamonds or emeralds, they cannot be set in a ring or a pendant.

And, I never really know what will set one of these moments off.   The trick is to savor these passing jewels of awareness. Settle into the feelings that radiate from wherever they come from. Give yourself permission to not “do” for a bit. There is the consciousness adage: whatever you focus your attention on you will have more of. So that is what I am doing at this moment.   And I am sharing that with you. There is simply far too much stuff to get upset about.   And, there are always so many things to do. We need to add balance with moments when we connect with these precious jewels of consciousness and just bask in their radiant light.

Robert Schwarz, PsyD, DCEP
ACEP Executive Director
Author of  Tools for Transforming Trauma

Are the settings that support “jewels of consciousness”?   You bet – the 19th international Energy Psychology Conference May 18-22, 2017 San Antonio Texas



  1. True and difficult at times. Especially when I did sit I ended up somewhere I did not think was possible and not healing.

  2. Shirley Reid says:

    I liked this. thank you. My thoughts exactly today🎶
    Shirley Reid
    Sent from my iPhone


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